Firearm Maintenance: Pistol


Upcoming Dates

  • 11/16/23

6:30pm – 8:30pm

In this class we will introduce and guide you through the maintenance aspect of firearm ownership. Bring your personal pistol to our classroom where we will teach you how to disassemble/field strip, clean, and maintain your firearm to keep it operating in peak condition.

Pistol must be your own. Class is priced per pistol, couples/partners/families sharing one pistol are more than welcome (please let us know ahead of time so we may plan seating)

Price includes a take home pistol caliber cleaning kit and cleaning mat (pictured above).

Absolutely no ammunition is to be brought into the classroom.

Please note we are not gunsmiths and will be breaking down/field stripping firearms only to the level the manufacturer recommends.


Guns, Fishing, & Other Stuff Classroom. Please enter through the front of the store. Classroom is located between the fishing and handgun sections.

6705 Amador Plaza Rd, Dublin CA 94568

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6:30pm – 8:30pm

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